Here's da story---

Mike, Don, and Frank have just gotten up.... While putting on coffee, Frank notices a mouse running across the counter and down behind the stove.

After breakfast, Frank baits a mousetrap with peanut butter, puts it on the floor under the counter.  Within a few minutes, da mouse comes over, starts nibbling on the peanut butter... After a few minutes of leisurely nibbling, he leaves.

Mousetrap is inspected, no trace of peanut butter was left.

After discussion, we re-load the trap with some chocolate from Lori's brownies...

Within a few minutes the previous cycle is repeated, same results, very clean mousetrap... Rats!

So Don and Frank leave to go huntin',  Mike promises to work on the mouse situation.

A few hours later, Don and Frank return.  On the Luckybuck buckpole is a new trophy:


And who is the only successful hunter that weekend?


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