Technical Writing Technical Training
Document scanning & OCR Adobe PDF file creation
Create photo slideshows on CD or DVD Powerpoint slideshow creation
Created simple videodisks
Visio file/template creation
CD-ROM/DVD creation Advertising material/maps
Conversion of old vinyl records to .wav or .mp3 files
Product photography
Processing, cleanup and editing of voice recordings
Photo scanning/retouching

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FrankenCutters is a small, home based business providing a wide range of services for other companies on a contractual or hourly basis.
Some advantages of this are:
  • We can travel to your location, saving you time and money.
  • You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.
  • FrankenCutters provides the necessary equipment, computers, software, printers, scanners, copier, CDROM/DVD  burner, cameras, lighting, etc...
  • We are small enough to adapt to your schedule and needs.
  • Services are priced reasonably.
Here are some of our services:

Technical Writing Create, update, and improve your important technical documents. Create and add graphics. Save documents in MS-Word, HTML, and/or Adobe Acrobat for easy publication on the Internet, or distribution to customers.

Advertising Material and Location Maps Show your customers how to find your business. We can make a local map for you to use in your sales literature, website and advertisements.

Create photo galleries on your webspace Send me a memory card or thumbdrive with your photos, I can adjust them, crop them, clean them up, re-size them, and create an attractive gallery of your photos on your webspace.  No tacky advertisements, unwanted links, size or quantity limits.  All your friends, associates or customers can see them without registering for Facebook, etc...

Cookie Cutters or Cakepans Let us make your logo or building into a promotional cookie cutter or cakepan! Visit the FrankenCutters cookie cutter website.

Technical Training With years of experience in the highly technical avionics training field, FrankenCutters can conduct training sessions for your customers at your location or at theirs. We can be your "Training Department" when you need one. 
Document Scanning and OCR If you have old, degraded hardcopy documents you need to update or distribute, FrankenCutters can scan them using state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Diagrams and pictures can be scanned, updated, and combined into new electronic documents. This process is much more accurate and cost effective than retyping long, complex documents.
Adobe PDF Document Creation Adobe Acrobat has become the defacto standard way to distribute sales literature, product manuals, and other documents. FrankenCutters can convert all your current documents into this universal format, and archive them on CDROM or DVD for your convenience and security.
Product Photography FrankenCutters has extensive experience in product photography. We can provide pictures, graphic files, even slides or overheads, for your advertising, technical literature or website. We can also scan old, degraded photographs, treasured family or business snapshots. Then we graphically remove scratches, adjust color and contrast, and archive them on CDROM or DVD..
Audio Capture/Processing  FrankenCutters can convert your old, precious LP albums into digital form. The digital files are then processed by sophisticated audio editing software to reduce/remove clicks and pops, and "clean-up" the sound.  The output can be provided to you in .mp3 form for use in any MP3 player, .WAV form for playing on computers, or a CD can be burned which will play on an ordinary CD/DVD player.  We can work from other audio sources, such as old cassettes, 8-tracks (really!), dictaphone mini-cassettes, etc...

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updated: 7/8/15