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Ludington Offshore Classic16 - Best fish tourney on the Great Lakes! Poor weather on Sunday this year, though.
Fish On For Freedom - Local charter boats take over 100 vets out for fishing R&R.  Big arrival back in port
House of Flavors World Record Sundae - 1970.71 feet long! Some 15,000 volunteers and sundae eaters create & eat it!
Vietnam Traveling Wall - 80% replica of the wall in Washington D.C. visits Ludington, Aug. 27-31, 2014. A very moving & AWESOME week.
Wisconsin Trip 2014 -  Another great trip to Wisconsin Jul/Aug 2014.  SW Wisconsin, New Glarus, and then Oshkosh!
Ludington Offshore Classic14 -  Biggest (and best) fishing tournament on Lake Michigan - July 2014
Cookie Cutter Collectors Club Convention -  June 2014, Pittsburgh, PA
Mary's Birthday -  February 13th.  Lori throws a birthday party!
We Got Snow! -  January 29, 2014, lots of snow around the property, and down at the lake
Nutcracker display at Sandcastles - August 2011 - Wow, there were hundreds of nutcrackers at Sandcastles Children's Museum to see and enjoy!
Flowers and Garden - July 2011 - Flowers looking very nice this year, blueberries look good, lots of daisies & wildflowers
Lori's Daffodils-2010 - Beautiful!  And they have survived a few nights of 28-30 degrees.
Wizard of Oz Museum - in Wamego, Kansas.  If you like Wizard of Oz, you MUST visit this museum.  Or at least see these photos.
S.S. Badger - Ludington's own Lake Michigan Carferry is pretty special around here. Lots of folks enjoy watching her leaving and entering the harbor.  And there are a few local "cruises" each year, typically for different fundraisers.
DeerCam - We have quite a few cameras outside, with 3 of them out in the woods.  They are hooked up so we can watch their video on the TV's in the house. That way, we can sit in the living room, reading or whatever, and watch the deer, raccoons, porcupines, rabbits, etc... eating the corn or food scraps we put out.  Great entertainment.
Snowfall January 15-16 2007  Michigan hasn't had much snow at all this winter.  Bummer for all the snowmobilers, ice-fishermen, skiiers, and snowplow operators. We had one good snowfall December 1st, but since then, nothing til January 15-16. Sure was a pretty snowfall. In between making snowblower repairs, Frank took some photos.
Our New House & Property  In fall 2006 we moved to 2.7 acres just out of town. The new house is one level, has some more space, very open floorplan, and an attached garage/workshop. Three small outbuildings, deer, raccoons, porcupines, rabbits, turkeys...
Fireworks! 4th of July 2004 at Ludington  Sure, you've seen plenty of fireworks photos. But these are a little different. A tradition in Ludington is to walk down to the beach with blankets or chairs, set on the sand and watch the fireworks (sponsored by the Ludington Jaycees (Thanks!!)). For 2004 it started raining well before dusk and we figured it would be cancelled. Nope!. The rain turned into fog, and the show went on. It was interesting seeing the shells go up into the cloud layer and make for beautiful glowing cloud patterns!

Europe19 - Bavaria!  Mittenwald, Munich, Oktoberfest, 1 day in Austria.  Great trip!
Europe17 - Went to Switzerland and Germany in Oct./17.  Perfect weather!  Wonderful trip!
U.P., Wisc. Iowa 2017 - Here's a few photos. Stay Tuned, I'll have them here soon.
Germany Trip 2015 - We STILL had frequent flier miles.  So we drove to Kansas City, flew to Frankfurt and stayed in some nice inexpensive hotels, and traveled by train, boat, and bus again. Another great relaxing trip!
Switzerland Trip 2013 - Lori & Frank REALLY needed a break. And we still had frequent flier miles.  So we drove to St. Louis, flew to Switzerland and stayed in some youth hostels, and with friends, and traveled by train pass again.  Great trip!
Wisconsin Trip 2013 - Each year, we go to LaCrosse, Wisconsin for a professional conference, and take a few days before & after the conference as a vacation.  Here's a few photos.
Germany & Switzerland 2012  Lori & I needed a break, and had lots of frequent flier miles which we wanted to use while we could.  So we flew to Kansas City, then Dallas, then Frankfurt. Then we had a German Rail pass, and two Swiss Rail passes.  We visited some old favorite places, plus two youth Hostels we hadn't been to before. Visited some old friends, and had a great, relaxing time!
Ontario, Canada 2004, eh!  In June 2004, we attended the Cookie Cutter Collectors Club Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. To get there, we drove North to Sault St. Marie, and on into Ontario, Canada. We drove in a big loop, crossing back into the U.S. just south of Niagara Falls. We saw a wolf, fox, 2 moose, 2 bear, Winnie the Pooh, and many chipmunks.
The Bike Trip - 2002 Each year, a bunch of guys, mostly from Olathe, KS and nearby, go on a one week motorcycle trip. We throw darts at a map and go where the best dart goes. For 2002 the trip went to Wisconsin (I think it was rigged, but I'm not complaining). We had a great time and incredible weather.

2001 - This was our second Christmas in the house on Robert Street. There's a picture of each room in the house. 2002 - Wow! This year there's no holding back! 2003 - I'm not sure, but I think this year we've reached new levels in Christmas decoration.
2004 - More trees 2005 - Even more 2006 - First Christmas in our new house on Jebavy Drive!
2007 - Best ever!! 2008 - More trees than ever before! 2009 - Had a Christmas party here, and this time nobody even tried to count all the trees!
2010 - Too busy with some family things to do much decorating....wait 'til next year...
2011 - Not bad!
2012 - Frank says "Glorious"
2013 - Christmas Cookies!
2013 - Too many trees to count!! 2014  - More trees than EVER
2015  - Best Ever! Really! 2016  - Frank Loves it! 2017  - Too many trees to count!
2018  - Couldn't NOT do it! 2019  - Hard to count 'em all!

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