Convention 2000
Yes, it was time again (every two years) for the Cookie Cutter Collector's Club Convention, this June 22-25, 2000  This year it was held in Denver, Colorado at the Embassy Suites/Denver Southeast.  The Rocky Mountain Cutups were the host club.  The theme of this convention was "America the Beautiful".  Was there any doubt there would be lots of American Flags and Star cookie cutters?  Is there any doubt the members were "into" this theme big-time?  Imagine the costumes, door decorations, table decorations, and the CUTTERS!

Your CCCC website editor and wife Lori were, of course, in attendance, and took some photos some of which are now on this site. If you have one or two favorite photos to share with the website, please feel free to email it to me, and if there's room, I'll add it in.

If you have not yet attended a CC Club Meeting yet, you will learn more about what a "Scramble" is.

There were a number of Tinsmith/Coppersmiths, and the sales activity was "hot and heavy" especially on Thursday.  The usual "Tinsmith's Forum" was held on Friday afternoon, and was entertaining and informative.

The Banquet was Saturday night, June 24th, and the costumes were a sight to behold.  Musical entertainment was provided by Bill Barwick, a Cowboy Singer from Colorado.  If you didn't attend, ask someone who did, about the "Corvette" song, or the "Scottsman's Kilt" song!  (Or ask him, at  At the end, a really large number of great gift items contributed by the membership, were raffled off.  Not all items were cookie cutters, as you can see from one of the photos on the photo page!

Finally we all trudged off to our rooms to rise up Sunday, eat a great breakfast (remember the custom omelets), say a lot of good-byes, and head in all directions toward home.

All in all, a great convention!

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