Convention 2002!
June 20-23, 2002
DoubleTree Hotel, Lloyds Center,
1000 N. E. Mulnomah, Portland, Oregon 97232
Direct Dial (503) 281-6111
The theme was "Along the Storybook Trail"

Your CCCC webmaster is very sorry to report he and Lori were unable to attend, due to other committments (bummer!). Undoubtedly, it was a great time for a lot of great people. If you have a few extra photo prints to share, it would be great if you would mail them to me at the address below. I'll scan the best ones and put them here on the CCCC website. Thanks!! -Frank

Convention 2002!
The convention for 2002 was hosted by the Northwest Sprinkles collector's group, and they put on a heck of a show. The theme for the convention was "Along the Storybook Trail". There were convention-goer's scrapbooks to see, well-organized programs, interesting guest speakers, and a great parade of storybook characters at the banquet. The following summary was taken from the June/July 2002 edition of "Cookie Crumbs", along with many great photos from the convention:

(Until Willie Day finds her notes and sends in her view of the convention this will sum up the convention for non-attendees who can't wait any longer for info. This is in no way meant to replace Willie's report, which hopefully will be published in the next issue.)

Along The Storybook Trail was hosted by the Northwest Sprinkles on June 20-25 in Portland, Oregon. The Convention Committee consisted of Ann Anthony, Deloris Brown, Mary Ellen Goldie, Jane Hall, Carol Hill, Lana Holman, Karen Mott, Jeanne Myers, Bonnie Price, Nellie Ramsey and Priscillia Shou. The Trail Librarians wore green vests and were available to assist conventioneers with any questions.

Charity Contributions projects were "Books and Bears." The "Books" will go to Friendly House. This is an agency that deals with low-income and homeless families and individuals. They have an emergency service that provides shelter and other assistance. They also offer four different youth-oriented programs that provide service for children from age 3-18. The "Bears" will go to the Teddy Bear Program managed by the Portland Police Bureau. The bears are carried in the patrol cars and are given to children the officers come across that are in crisis situations.

Thursday: The Presentation of Flags was done by the Boy Scouts of America Troop #328, Vancouver, WA, followed by Presentation of Regional Banners. Michael Jones of the Cascade Geographic Society spoke on "Tall Tales of the Pacific Northwest." "The Jumping Frog", a skit adapted from Mark Twain's short story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County' was presented by the California CCCC.

Friday: "Cookie Stamping" with Diana Collingwood Butts, professional baker, cookie stylist and author was followed by Karen Morrison, who spoke of her business Victor Trading Company. After lunch, "The HRM Story" was presented by Barbara Duga, daughter of Herman R. Maier, Founder of Educational Products and "The Rycraft Story" with Robin Rycraft, son of Rycraft Founders, Eleanor and Carroll Rycraft.

Saturday: After the business meeting and election, The Gingerburghs of Western Pennsylvania gave the invitation to the 2004 convention "Lights, Camera, Cookies" and Susan Betz presented "A Jumble of Jumbles", on the Trail of the Story of a Cookie. The end of the Storybook Trail came in the Pacific Northwest Ballroom for the 2002 Banquet. The "Storybook Trail" Characters Parade opened the dinner which consisted of spinach salad, petite filet mignon and salmon filet, roasted red potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a chocolate caramel Milkyway cake. Jane Von Boskirk presented "Crossing the Oregon Trail, a Little Girl's Story" before the raffle drawings completed the evening.

Sunday: The convention came to a close after Sunday's farewell breakfast in the Oregon Room.

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