(photo by Gloria Stull)


Well, it was a lot of fun for all.  The programs were very interesting, the costumes were terrific, the camaraderie was great, as always.  Here's a few photos taken at the convention:

The most amazing collection of cookies on the planet!  (photo by Gloria Stull)

This was the "Gameshow" segment, modeled after you know which show (is that your final answer?).

Smokey the bear was in attendance and was a big hit!

The "scramble" was well attended, as usual.  This is where people try to sell cutters they no longer want, and then buy twice as many other ones from other persons.

Action at the "scramble".  Notice the miniature cutters on the table.  Usually hard to find.

More "Scramble"

More scramble cutters for sale.

Not much to add to this photograph!

This is part of only ONE of the two tables full of raffle items!

The Scrapbook Table is where each regional group shows off their group scrapbook.

Tuda Libby Crews gave a very informative, interesting, and popular talk about starting and running your own business.

The Tinsmith's Forum is always a popular event.  The Tinsmiths introduce themselves, talk about their beginnings, techniques, specialties, tools, and then the floor is opened to questions about all aspects of tinsmithing and cookie cutters in general.  Shown above from left to right, are:  Al Moorhouse, Frank Longmore, Karen Morrison, Sam Morrison, Michael Bonne, and Gene Wilson.  Just to the right at the microphone, was Elenna Firme.  (photo by Gloria Stull)

In this scene, Michael is explaining to this nice lady that his son Jacob won these steerhorns in the raffle on Saturday night, and that he needs to borrow some duct tape to attach them to the front of his motor home!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  If you have one or two REALLY GOOD photos you'd like to share, email them to me or mail me the photos (If you want them back, enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope).


All photos by Frank Longmore unless otherwise noted
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