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There are many uses for cookie cutters, besides the obvious of making cookies.

They can be traced on cardstock to make paper dolls.  Or cut out of magnetic paper to make refrigerator magnets. You can hang them on wreaths or use them to cut out picture frames.

We have several links included here to give you ideas on how to use your cookie cutters. You might want to add the cookie recipes to your own collections.
Crafts & Ideas
Fun Easter Egg Cookies
Wee Watch - PlayDough

Gingerbread Houses
Donna's Gingerbread Lane
Ginger Kids
The Gingerbread Lady

Cookie Recipes "Cookie Recipes"
Cookie Collection
Folk Fare: Irish Cookies

Cookie Cutter Sources (& Some Books)
Gramma's Cutters - Carrie Greno
Wild, Wild West Cowboy Cookies

Barndts Bakery Metal Cookie Cutters for Baking
Cookie Cutter Factory
CM Magazine Cookie Count & Bake
Ebay Auctions

Sugar Cookies - A Commentary by Jim Carroll

And Don't Forget Your Best Friend
Dog Biscuit Cookbooks & Cutters
BFCNC Recipe Book & Dog Bone Cutters
4 My Dogs

There Is No Explanation For This One
When Ginger Snaps

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