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The following article is reprinted with permission, from the Big Rivers Newsletter, Vol. XII, Issue 1.  This regional Cookie Cutter Collector newsletter is written/published by Joyce Moorhouse.  For details about subscribing to this newsletter, you could contact Joyce at:

UPPER MIDWEST CUTTER COLLECTORS                        August 2001

The Nation Cookie Cutter Historical Museum in Knightstown, Indiana, long awaited, has happened!

     The response has been positive. Those visiting "Michael Bonne Coppersmith Shop" have shown a great interest in the history of the cookie cutter in America as displayed by the historical museum showcases. To setup this museum, was a wonderful trip for us (Al and Joyce Moorhouse). Thanks to the response of many collectors, two showcases and many cutters were provided. Al and Steve Staruch uncrated the cases. Three couple gathered to do the work: Kay and Steve Staruch., Gail and Tom Hargreaves, Joyce and Al Moorhouse from New York, Indiana and Minnesota, respectively. It was work, but what fun to see it all unfold and the displays ready once the showcases were set in place and cleaned.

     Michael Bonne had taken time to meet with us the morning of May 8, 2001. It was an exciting meeting and he gave us direction about placement of the cases with room for expansion and then invited us to tour his manufacturing facility. Which we did following lunch. We wish everyone could meet him and enjoy his warm and friendly personality. He has great hopes for our museum and perhaps have a special event once a year for cutter collectors.

     We hope you can visit, see your name on the cookie sheets for your efforts in making this all possible. The Welcome Girl will provide you with a "Self Tour Brochure". The Northwest Sprinkles donated the table and bright red tablecloth, which holds postcards and other information on cookie cutters. The spinner was provide by money sent from the Big Rivers CutOuts group. Gail Hargreave, curator, took charge of the keys and the records. We were tired when the work was completed, but joyful with the results. Hopefully you will get some insight into how it looks from the photos.

     Since May 8th, the insurance has been provided by private donation, the contract with Michael Bonne has been signed and in the hands of the Trustees of CCCC. It is hoped that the club membership will vote to sponsor the National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum in Indiana at the 2002 Convention in Portland, Oregon next June. As our membership grows older, two and four years is a long time. The committee felt with the generous offer from Michael and Theresa Bonne it was time to keep moving forward for the benefit of all. Others on the NCCHM are Linda Stevens, head of advertising, from New Hampshire who is in need of addresses of local and county papers and magazines to advertise the Museum and Pam Nelson of Nevada who is doing the photos and articles on tinsmiths, coppersmiths, wood carvers (new and old) so send any photos and information to her.

     The graciousness of Michael and Teresa Bonne, in giving us this wonderful opportunity, can not be praised enough. Please read what Michael states about his makers mark. The National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum will not reach everyone, but the people visiting will be the people who will take interest in what we have on display. We, yet, need a sign which is being planned as the committee of five continue to work for the museum. More showcases are coming by donation and we need more cutters, so if you have duplicates you think would be good for the museum please write to Kay Staruch, Gail, Joyce, Linda, or Pam so the cases can be filled when they arrive this fall. Four more cases are planned....needing lots more cutters. Your money and cutters donated for the museum project, can be your part in promoting Cookie Cutter Collecting and the Natl. Cookie Cutter Historical Museum.

     Right now we have a PLACE, HEAT, ELECTRICITY, SECURITY, INSURANCE, AND HELPING HANDS. All thanks to you and Michael Bonne! Welcome to the National Cookie
Cutter Historical Museum!

-Joyce Moorhouse, Vice-chairman of NCCHM
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