Another "Group" Cookie Cutter!

At the convention, a tradition is born!  Actually, it started two years ago at the convention in Ohio.  Frank Longmore and Elena Firme were showing each other how they made bends in cookie cutters, and before long they had partly bent up a 24" length of copper strip.  Frank brought it around to several other tinsmiths for their contributions.  Soon, the "cutter" as it was then called, had a lot of bends in it.  Frank looped it around and soldered it.  Stan Baker made a few final bends, and "viola" it looked sort of like a lamb.  (Well, that was one of several interpretations...).

So, this year, same deal.  Frank handed around a 27" strip of copper, and this time, a pair of pliers.  There was no plan or conspiracy, nobody knew what it might end up as.  This time the co-creators were:

Al Moorhouse
Elenna Firme
Frank Longmore
Karen Morrison
Michael Bonne

And, at the end, we all signed our "work of art" with electric engravers.  Here 'tis:

So what is your guess?   Remember, we don't know which way is up, so maybe print it out and hold it at various angles.
See some of the guesses here.
Email me and let me know your opinion.