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Tin Treasures by Orchard Canyon Heirlooms

Located in Galena, Ohio, Orchard Canyon have been convention vendors for many years.  More contact info to follow.
Orchard Canyon 1   Orchard Canyon 2

T&C Latane

Located in Pepin, Wisconsin, T&C Latane have a beautiful old shop within sight of the Mississippi.  More info to follow.

T&C Latane 1     T&C Latane 2

Victor Trading Co. & Mfg. Works

The Victor Trading Co. & Manufacturing Works, high in the Colorado Rockies, has had their cutters featured in Good Housekeeping, Holiday Best and Country Home magazines. Sam and Karen Morrison have a tin shop filled with antique equipment. They hand bend all their cutter, which are made of genuine tin plate and use only lead-free solder. The tin shop, known as VICTOR TIN WORKS, offers over 2700 designs, specializing in reproductions of historical cookie cutter designs. Custom cutters from customer's drawings are also available.

Their cutters have a brass tag "Maker, the Victor Tin Works, Victor, Colorado". To receive their new 63 page catalog with over 2700 designs, send $7.00 (postage included) to Victor Trading Co., PO Box 53, Victor, CO 80860. Visit their web site: or email at:

When in Colorado, visit our store. Call or email for hours and directions. 719-689-2346.

Tinsmith, Al Moorhouse, has made cookie cutters since 1993 under the business name ASM Cutters & Things, 2763 310th Street, Cannon Falls, MN 55009.  Telephone is 507-263-4757.   They are made in the USA of quality tin plate in outline designs.  Backs and handles are available upon request for additional fees.  Special ordered cutters are available from your designs.  Ask about being a wholesale customer.  For a brochure send $3, to see the over 800 cutter listed.

Al and JoyceAl and U.S. map

The tinsmith who made the 1999 CCCC cutter is Elenna Firme. She has also made them for previous years including 1990 and 1991. Elenna has been featured in Taste of Home and Country Woman magazines. The catalog Gooseberry Patch has also featured several of her cutters over the years. For a list of cutters currently available, send a #10 SASE to: 42795 CR15, Haxton, CO 80731.

FC Logi
Frankencutters are copper outline cutters made by Frank Longmore. A special cutter he designed is his "Sharing cutter" shown here.  Give one of these cookies to two children, and they can "share" it by "breaking on the dotted line".
Sharing cutter(Copr. 1997, FrankenCutters)

He and his wife Lori, have relocated to Ludington, Michigan, where they renovated a 100 year-old house and became quite active in their community.  Not surprising, Lighthouse cookie cutters have become a popular item. In Fall of 2006, they purchased some property and moved "out of town" by a couple of miles. The new workshop is now attached to the house.

Frank enjoys designing/making custom "one of a kind" cutters for making cookies and for other applications such as custom cakemaking, candlemaking, cutting out small ceramic objects, or whatever a customer wishes to use them for.  His cutters have been as small as 3/4" across to as much as 16" high, single or multiple.  If required, he adds backs, bracing, and/or handles. His cutters are engraved with a small "FC", usually near the joint.

He also makes custom aluminum cake pans, gingerbread house cutter sets, and other custom items. Many of those are shown on his website, , as well as some "FrankenHistory" and pictures of some "FrankenTools". You will also find some photos taken at the CCCC Conventions in Pittsburg, Kansas, and Pittsburgh, PA..

He no longer keep "stock" cookie cutters; but  makes "custom" items, made-to-order. To receive a free quote, you can contact FC at the link on the website, or write to:

:FC address

Welcome to a new Tinsmith,
Kaitlyn's Kutters, a vendor at the California Convention.  Vickie (Kaitlyn) Flanagan is a tinsmith, and has a number of designs on her website:  The website has a "Contact Us" page which would send an inquiry to her, or you can email her at:

Her mailing address is:
Kaitlyn's Kutters
4190 East Sparkling Lane
Camp Verde, AZ 86322
Telephone: 729-969-7922

We welcome a new CCCC member, Ecrandal Originals.  They are from North Carolina, and make copper cookie cutters.
Their email address is:  The following is taken from their website

We are a small home business operated by Eric and Jamie Border and our six young children. We are located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. 

Our journey into this venture began Thanksgiving of 2001. We have always had the dream of working at home so we could spend more quality time together as a family. With very little money($10 to be exact) and no work, Eric hand formed our first shapes using a few strips of copper he had: The Original Tree, Gingerbread Man, and Large Snowman. We offered them in a gift set to family and friends for Christmas presents. Everyone loved them! Thus began our special home-based business. We now have over 300 shapes and are continually expanding our collection. Eric still forms each and every cutter by hand without the use of machinery. I (Jamie) enjoy packaging each cutter, as well as conversing with you...our customers. We print all of our own tags right here in our home. Our children help us as well and especially love cutting out the shapes & sampling the many cookies we make when we test our latest cookie cutters. Together, we share ideas on new designs and improvements.  
 Our cookie cutters are a labor of love from start to finish.

Lord Bless and thank you for helping to support our family with your cookie cutter purchase!

The Border family,

Eric, Jamie, Victoria, Olivia, Ezekiel, Ezra, Levi and AsaEric & Jamie Border

ecrandal originals
Handmade copper cookie cutters
414 Oakwoods Road
Wilkesboro NC 28697

Hammer Song  - Makers of fine tin cookie cutters
"cookie cutters to make you laugh, cry, giggle or remember"

Betsy Cukla/Hammer Song
7952N Barker Lake Road
Winter, WI 54896

You can email them at:

Woodcarver Gene Wilson offers over 100 designs of individually carved cookie molds and stamps priced from $7 to $70. Each hardwood mold of beech or cherry is a signed collectible ready to shape dough into fancy "picture cookies" i.e. springerle, speculaas.  They have a new website at: , which also lists some Clearance and Retired Designs. Their new email address is: To receive a current pricelist, you can also mail them at:

HOBI Picture Cookie Molds
P.O. Box 25
Belleville, IL 62222

Gene Wilson molds        Gene Wilson 2

We are very sad to report the death of Ed Fox on September 6, 2006.

Ed and Mary Fox started their business when they made their first cutters for a fund-raiser for a twins support group, of which they were members. Ed's work was approved by the Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild in March 1972, thus began The Little Fox Factory. They were the first smiths to join the Club and have made CCCC cutters for many years including 1983, 1987, 1988, and 1995. During the years, their five children also helped in the factory, and Kevin continues the tradition by contracting his own Art and Craft shows around the country. Ed often helps Kevin with his shows, too. Through the years they have been featured in many magazines. Their heirloom cutters are made to be treasured over the years. They still make cutters for special groups along with offering their standard cutter catalog. Their patterns number well past 500, plus other varied designs for specific projects. To receive a brochure which features over 300 different cutters, send a #10 SASE and $1.00 to: The Little Fox Factory, 931 Marion Rd., Bucyrus, OH 44820.
Ed Fox 1 You can visit their web site at:

H.O. Foose Tinsmithing Co. is a family business started by H.O. Foose in the early 70's by Hormon O. Foose. With his passing in 1997, and the retiring of his wife, Maria in 1998, the tradition is proudly carried on by his family. They currently make tin cutters, backless and without handles. Foose agreed to make our 2000 membership cookie cutter, The Golden Gate Bridge.

2000 bridge
Their website is at and you can email them at
H.O. Foose Tinsmithing Co., 18 West Poplar Street, Fleetwood, PA 19522
phone: 610-944-1961
fax: 610-944-6420, located at 900 N. 32nd Street, Parsons, KS 67357-2108, (620)-421-0654 is owned by Raymond & Beth Braman. email. (Email address They make 5 sizes of cookie cutters. Tiny and standard sizes are outline cutters without handles. Large and giant are outline cutters with handles. Huge cutters are two to three feet tall with handles. They also make special order cutters. They make and sell various copper products on their website at

copper gifts 1     copper gifts 2

Emery Strohm Sr.

Your webmaster has just received word (12/5/03) that after more than 60 years of making cookie cutters, Emery Strohm Sr. will be retiring from the cookie cutter business. Sadly, this moves the following paragraph into the past tense. We all congratulate Emery for his craftsmanship and wish him well in his Second Retirement!

What did a "tin man" do after retirement? He made cookie cutters! Known locally in Brookville, PA as the "Tin Man", Emery Strohm, Sr. has been a tinsmith for over 60 years. At 81 years young, Emery worked about 5 hours a day making about 1500 cookie cutters annually for folks who wanted something special. He fabricated hand-made custom cutters for individuals from their designs and patterns sent to him.

Emery Strohm card

   Emery Strohm 2

It is with much sadness that we learned of the passing of Emery Strohm Sr. on August 19, 2004.

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW -- What a Ride!"

Now retired, Bob Jones made mostly one of a kind cutters. If you have one of his signed cutters, you have a real prize indeed.
Sadly, we must report that Bob Jones passed away on 8-4-09.   Keep Lorrie and their family in your prayers. 
Joy Denison hand decorates the beautiful cookies available from The Joy of Cookies. For her beautiful color brochure, send a #10 SASE to: P.O. Box 325, Williams, OR 97544. 

Although no longer actively taking orders, a number of different handmade cutters with backs and handles have been made by George Rapp through the years. 
Stan Baker made the 1998 Convention cutter. Everyone who attended received one. He also made the 1992 and 1993 CCCC cutters. For a list of his cutters, send a #10 SASE to: 4804 Schneiders Crossing Rd. N.W., Dover, OH 44622. He also makes individual cutters to your pattern.
Stan Baker 1

Peter Blum, III is a "third generation tinsmith trained in the Moravian tradition of excellence". He produced the tinware for the movie "Last of the Mohicans" and the Disney re-make of "Tom Sawyer" and has demonstrated his skills and instructed classes at many festivals and museums. To receive his catalog send a #10 SASE to: 271 Dobbins Mill Rd., Elkin, NC 28621. 
The Cookie As Canvas is the hand-painted, custom-designed gourmet cookie business run by CCCC member Brenda Oelbaum. Her cookies are preservative-free, and she offers most of her cookies with the availability to meet individual dietary requirements. For her brochure send a #10 SASE to: 3060 Newcastle Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. 
Sweet Annie's is a recent CCCC member. Suzanne Robertson's son, Jeremy makes their cutters in copper. They have been in business several years and attend many craft shows. Suzanne was a guest lecturer at the Denver Convention. One of the things she did was  demonstrate how she does the fabulous decorating on her cookies. (UPDATE: Sweet Annie's is no longer in business.)
CCCC member Gene Valesek has made many cutters such as his collectable 2000 cutter. He had no catalog but made cutters to your drawings. For all inquires, write to: 4518 17th St., Canton, OH 44708. This lovely cutter was the Swedish Nisse-Nasse.  Note that Gene's cutters are no longer available.
Gene Valesek 1

CCCC member Tuda Libby Crews until recently, been the purveyor of Wild, Wild, West Cowboy Cookies. Tuda has appeared on TV food shows from Denver to New York and in newspaper articles in Wyoming, Texas, Utah, and Colorado. Many of her originally designed cutters were made by famed smith, Michael Bonne, of Indiana. She is no longer active in CCCC activities.
Tuda Libby Crews

Please visit our Using Cookie Cutters page for fun ideas! Lots of recipes, cool ways to use cookie cutters, and a HUGE listing of sites with Cookie Cutters for sale on the World Wide Web!
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