Just a Few FrankenCutter Cookie Cutters

"When Pigs Fly"  $8.00 + s&h

Gingerbread Boy, a "classic" cookie cutter.  $ 8.00 + s&h

  Smaller Gingerbread Boy, 4" high, no handle.  $ 6.00 + s&h

"A Note of Thanks"  - This cutter is etched on the side saying "A Note of Thanks".  When you order it, you can specify another line which is etched below the first.  For example "Thanks for your Support" or "For helping with the bakesale".  $ 5.00 + s&h

  Here's another customized cutter.  You mail, fax, or email me a tracing of a child's hand or foot, and what you would like me to etch on the bottom, for example:  "John Jones 3/14/95" or "To Grandma from John Jones, 3/14/96".   I form a cutter exactly as the tracing, and mail it to you.  $ 12 + s&h.

Tractor (this is a John Deere "H", but we can do all makes & models.  $ 12 + s&h

"Sharing Cutter" Copr. 1997, FrankenCutters   - Make cookies from this, give one to two children, and maybe they will learn to share it by "breaking on the dotted line".  $ 4.00 + s&h

  I believe this is the most detailed and accurate "State of Michigan" cutter you will find.  The Upper Peninsula is attached to Lower Michigan with a small copper "bridge" (actually a clip of #10 copper wire).  It sells for $ 10.00 + s&h.

FrankenCutters would welcome the opportunity to make any sort of design you would like, your design or ours.  You could send us a design (and desired size) by email, fax, or by mail, and FrankenCutters would reply with a quote.  Design something special as a gift.  Use your creativity or ours!!

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